Five Best NFL Films Shots of Week 4

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Another week, another great job done by the cameraman of NFL Films. All of the five shots chosen this week for my list were of crucial plays from the six games that were decided by one possession, and are shots that exemplify masterful sports camerawork. Here’s a list of the shots in order of appearance:

1. LeGarrette Blount runs 47 yards for the TD against the Falcons, putting the Patriots up 20-10 in a game the Pats eeked out by just 7 points.
2. Matt Schaub passes down the seam to Garrett Graham in stride for a touchdown during the Texans’ dominant first half.
3. Joe Flacco lofts a nice pass towards the endzone, but Aaron Williams makes a nicer play on the ball, skying high to snag it out of the air, leaving Torrey Smith touchdown-less.
4. Witness one of the more bizarre tip drills you’ll see as Matt…

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“Steve Sabol: A Football Life” and Steve Sabol Day

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

Here at NFL Films, you’ll see three initials quite commonly: “SDS.” It’s on stickers, pins; it’s even on a flag outside. Someone very new to the facility might not realize at first the significance of those three letters to the over 260 employees here, and indeed, to the millions of people that have seen an NFL Films production. After spending just one hour here, you will.

Stephen Douglas Sabol, son of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, became the face of his father’s company over the course of his lifetime. In many ways, he became the face of the NFL itself, as his behind-the-scenes spearheading of many projects and on-screen involvement in countless others made him one of the most recognizable figures in sports media.

Steve won over 40 Emmys for writing, cinematography, editing, directing and producing. Along with his father, he profoundly changed the way the American public viewed football…

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NFL Films’ Five Best Shots of Week 3

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

This week, our cameramen produced an embarrassment of riches in terms of top-notch football footage. This meant it was hard to wittle down all the great shots captured into just these five, but I think you’ll like the selections for this week’s version of “NFL Films’ Five Best Shots of the Week”:

1. Witness perhaps the most pivotal play of the week, as Jonathan Franklin fumbles the ball on a potentially game-clinching drive for the Packers. The ball is eventually, after being fumbled again by Reggie Nelson, scooped up by Terrence Newman, who takes it to the house to give the Bengals the lead for good in the wildest game of the weekend.

2. Dion Sims snags a one-handed catch in the corner of the endzone to give the Dolphins a stunning 27-23 victory over the Falcons.

3. Antonio Brown hauls in a spectacular, diving grab in the back of…

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A Football Life: Derrick Thomas Preview

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

“A Football Life,” NFL Films’ groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated documentary series about the trials and tribulations surrounding the careers of some of the sport’s greatest players, takes a look next week at a man who was taken much too soon from a city that had come to adore him. Derrick Thomas, Hall of Fame linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the premiere pass rushers of all time, left behind a legacy of a man searching for something that was missing from his childhood, as well as a man who strove to make sure children of the next generation did not miss what he had. As such, he will never be forgotten by the city whose beloved football team he helped bring back to relevance. Take a look:

[nfl-video id=”0ap2000000245669″ contentid=”0ap2000000245669″ ads=”1″ related=”home” size=”large” playername=”blog_large_embedded”]

You can see the premiere of this episode of “A Football Life” on Tuesday, Sept…

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NFL Films’ Five Best Shots of Week 2

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

At NFL Films, making a production or a highlight reel of a matchup means going beyond what happens just on the gridiron and capturing the moments that take place outside the sphere of the game itself. We want to give you an understanding of the game that you might not have received while watching it on television or even from the stands. As such, some of the best shots of the week we’ve chosen to appear here are not of in-game action. They remain, however, just as telling in terms of the meaning of the game and its repercussions. Here’s the list, in order of their appearance:

1. Witness a moment of pure ecstasy for Bills fans, something Buffalonians have been lacking in greatly for the better part of the last two decades. Stevie Johnson has just scored his last second, game-winning touchdown to lift the Bills over the Panthers…

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Tonight on “Inside the NFL” – Another Wild Weekend

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

Last weekend, twelve games were decided by seven points or fewer, the most for a season-opening weekend and tied for the most in any week in NFL history. This weekend continued the trend of nailbiting contests, with 11 games decided by one posession (8 points) or less. One of those games was the barn burner that took place in Philadelphia, where the Eagles hosted the Chargers. The City of Brotherly Love is abuzz after Chip Kelly’s college-style, read-option offense has racked up 64 points through its first two games of existence. While the Birds did eventually fall 33-30 to the Bolts, they put on an offensive display that won’t go unnoticed around the league. Here’s an example:

[nfl-video id=”0ap2000000246405″ contentid=”0ap2000000246405″ ads=”1″ related=”home” size=”large” playername=”blog_large_embedded”]

Expect highlights like these for all the games this past weekend, of course in addition to expert analysis on key football issues by Cris, Phil and…

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A Clean House

Since Ginger came into our lives, there has been little time for cleaning. Instead of scrubbing the bathtub, I am giving her a bath. Instead of sweeping the floor, we spend time playing fetch. Ginger doesn’t like it when I tidy up. I know this to be true because she never fails to attack the broom when it emerges from the closet. Also, she does her best to shred every paper towel and cleaning rag she can find, especially when they are in my hands. During the moments when I am most frustrated about the mess, I imagine knocking the whole house down and rebuilding from scratch.

On a related note, I must admit to a mild fascination with the program, Hoarding: Buried Alive. I don’t religiously watch it, but have been known to sit through three consecutive airings unable to peal myself away. Attractive in its repulsiveness, this reality show makes me want to sanitize my entire house after a binge viewing. I cannot help but feel my skin crawling as I see our own domestic clutter. Every pile of familial detritus seems akin to the featured hoarder’s mounds of unsightly waste. In my mind, a newspaper on the dining room table will soon become the highlighted family’s buried surface they haven’t eaten off of in four years. I can imagine the fire department declaring our home uninhabitable because of our disorganized study. Our fridge usually houses only one Tupperware container with week-old leftovers, but I just know that it will soon look like the roach- and rodent-infested one on TLC’s reality show. So after turning off the TV, I will find some project in the house to furiously attack, like dusting all of the bedrooms or reorganizing the bookshelf. I exaggerate, of course, but part of me has always been a minimalist and a bit of a neatnik, and if it weren’t for my other family members, I could happily live in a small space spartanly decorated with dust-free possessions.

My husband doesn’t think watching this program is a healthful activity for me. He is already convinced that I care too much about cleanliness—that I have some sort of addiction to housework, as well as an undying need to throw things away, especially his belongings. Perhaps, he believes Hoarding: Buried Alive will only feed my compulsion, and he’ll wake up one day to discover that I have finally tossed those 20-year-old issues of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. On the contrary, I feel like my viewing this show is beneficial in the following ways:

1. After watching, I am forced out of my chair to clean the nearest dirty/cluttered area; thus, I am moving again and obtaining much-needed exercise.

2. The house becomes a cleaner, more pleasant place to be, and he doesn’t have to lift a finger.

3. I usually find something that was lost while cleaning.

4. There are certain chores I would avoid at all costs if not for the prompting of this program; therefore we both have Hoarding: Buried Alive to thank for the reorganization of our closets. (Not to worry, somebody will inevitably mess them up again.)

5. After the initial, reality TV-fueled impression of my house being compared to a hoarder’s paradise has faded, I begin to realize that our humble abode is a pretty orderly place and abandon my more ambitious plans. Perhaps, we won’t have to resort to hiring a demolition crew after all.

Tonight on “Inside the NFL”: Cris, JB and Phil discuss issues around the league

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

Be sure to watch as Cris Collinsworth, James Brown and Phil Simms break down the top stories circulating the NFL this week following a wild first weekend, including all of the developments, controversial calls, and injury updates that will shape the league and your team going forward.

In addition to the regulars, “Inside the NFL” welcomes 2011 Hall of Fame inductee Richard Dent to the show. Dent takes a look at the issues at hand from a defensive player’s perspective, providing valuable insight and shedding light on what goes through a defender’s mind in certain game-time situations.

I have to tell you all, I got to be on hand as this episode was filmed. JB, Cris, Phil and Richard are all on their games, sharing some great analysis and giving you the viewer a glimpse inside the head of a player while he’s out on the field. In that respect…

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NFL Films’ Five Best Shots of the Week: Week 1

Reblogging my son’s blog for NFL films.

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

We pride ourselves on delivering the most dramatic and riveting shots in the sports media industry. Since 1962, our company has shown the public that professional sports, and especially professional football, can be viewed as an art: a “drama of man on man in a race against the clock,” as Steve Sabol might put it. With that in mind, we’ve put together what we believe to be the five best best shots taken during the weekend that was the 2013 NFL Kickoff. Here’s the list:

5. This one you’ll have to wait to see. The beauty of the shot is in the unexpected and chaotic action that follows its beginning.

4. Jay Cutler gives the Bears the lead for good against the Bengals as he zips in a pass to Brandon Marshall for the touchdown.

3. Drew Brees gets the year off to a good start with his first touchdown…

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Spice Pets

Cinnamon and Sugar

We own two parakeets. Their names are Cinnamon and Sugar. After hearing about Ginger, my daughter’s boyfriend pointed out that our pets all have “spice names.” For some odd reason (incipient dementia?), I hadn’t noticed my penchant for aromatic-sounding monikers until his observation. As the lively debates echoed in the kitchen, we considered a variety of names for our new puppy, including Pepper (another seasoning). The final two choices were Ginger and Rufus. The latter would have been the name of our dog had we chosen a male from the litters available.

Ginger seems quite oblivious of Cinnamon and Sugar. In fact so much so, that she has barely glanced in their direction since arriving in our home 10 weeks ago today. Her notable disinterest has me concerned. I have to ask myself, “What self-respecting dog wouldn’t have at least tried to secretly make a meal of them by now?” Is she betraying her very nature? There they sit, two little tasty treats, and she has yet to yap at them or jump up when they fly past.

Of course, should she actually succeed in eating them or hurting them in any way, I would be horrified. It’s just that Ginger is a dog, and I presume that she will act like one. A couple of days ago, she sat for about 10 seconds (a long time for a puppy) and studied the parakeets. Anticipating a leap at the cage, I watched expectantly. And then, with a cock of her head, she ran off. Clearly unimpressed once more.

Back when I worked for a pet service company, I occasionally brought dogs into our house while their owners were on vacation. We played host to a variety of terriers. These dogs were originally bred to control rats and rabbits and even bigger animals like foxes and badgers. Each and every one of those dogs of dignity made a play for the birds (a cockatiel and a parakeet at the time) within minutes of entering our home. Before bigger dogs like the German shorthaired pointer and Labrador retrievers boarded with us, I secured the birds in another room. Those hunting dogs detected their potential prey right through a closed door.

For now, the birds scoff at her as they flit overhead. Why Ginger stands for their mockery, I don’t understand. Perhaps, she is laying plans to attack after our complacency (mine and the birds’) is well-established. She did pounce on a housefly the other day. Maybe there is hope for her yet.