NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 11 Edition

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Now that we’re entering the thick of the playoff push, each game between winning squads seems ever more crucial. This week, there are three mouthwatering matchups that could very well decide the final playoff landscape: San Francisco vs. New Orleans, Kansas City vs. Denver, and Carolina vs. New England. All six of these teams boast elite status in their respective conferences, and all are in our Top 15 here – in fact, all are in the top 10. Any one of these titanic clashes would be the marquee battle for another week – this week, they’re just one of three. You can be assured that there will be a big shake-up between this week’s and next week’s posts, just by the necessity that that three elite teams will have lost a game this upcoming weekend. Looking back to last weekend: some teams firmly entrenched themselves among the top groups in football, while…

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NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 10 Edition

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

We’re past the midway point of the NFL regular season, and with the postseason looming, now is when the true contenders separate themselves from the pack and make their playoff push. Who will slip their way into a coveted Wild Card spot? Which team will snag that much-needed first-round bye? Whose stadiums will the rest of the respective conferences have to go through if they want to make it to the Big Apple?

We don’t know. Sorry about that – but we interns do have opinions on who the best teams are in the League going into Week 10. The biggest leap this week: the Patriots, from #8 to #6, after their impressive victory against the Steelers.

Here are the interns that contributed to the pool this week:

Kevin Joyce, Producers Department, “Inside the NFL”

Tim Yingling, Producers Department

Ryan Boepple, Producers Department, “Thursday Night Football”

Kyle Toot, Producers Department, “NFL…

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