NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 6

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Are we headed for another Drew Brees-Peyton Manning face-off in the Super Bowl? Could be, as both teams led by said quarterbacks are sitting pretty with a sparkling combined record of 10-0. Both squads have been dominant, with the Broncos’ offense on an historically torrid pace and the Saints’ defense having been revitalized by Rob Ryan. Don’t sleep on the Colts, however, who have had two of the most impressive victories of the season these past two weeks over the 49ers and Seahawks, and land at #3 on our countdown of the NFL Films’ Interns Top 15 teams heading into Week 6 of the 2013 NFL Season. Here are the interns that contributed to this week’s rankings:

Tim Yingling – Producers Department

Kyle Toot – Producers Department, “NFL Turning Point”

Jacob Snyder – Producers Department, “NFL Replay”

Kevin Joyce – Producers Department, “Inside the NFL”

Take a look:

  1. Denver Broncos…

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