Twenty Reasons Ginger Is Good for Us or the Zen of Owning a Puppy

Zen GingerRecently, someone found my blog by searching for “why is ginger good for you.” No kidding. This search string made my day for two reasons. First, someone actually Googled a topic that resulted in my blog showing up. Yay! (I Googled this phrase myself, and my blog’s post was at the top of the fourth page.) Second, Ginger IS good for you or us, I should say. Below is a list of reasons why Ginger has been good for our family (nutritional benefits of ginger root aside, of course.)

1. Ginger makes us smile and laugh every day. Laughter has proven health benefits.

2. In bending down to scoop her up, pet her, or put her leash on, I do at least 50 leg squats per day. My quads and hamstrings thank her.

3. Add five more legs squats to the above for poop patrol.

4. It’s hard to take myself too seriously when I have a bag of poop swinging from my hand.

5. We are increasing our pulmonary capacities when we run around the yard with her.

6. More of our friends want to come over to visit so that they can see her, I mean us.

7. She might help my son get a job. My son has hypothesized that he will be offered the super competitive internship he applied for if he brings Ginger along to the interview. Her charm will so distract the interviewers that they will offer him the internship on the spot. That strategy could work . . .

8. We hope to make new friends because all kinds of people come up to us to comment on how cute she is.

9. There are few more soothing activities after a stressful day than cuddling a sleeping puppy.

10. The other day, my niece unexpectedly wanted to participate in FaceTime when I was on the phone with my sister, so she could see the puppy, I mean me.

11. I have more to talk about with other dog owners. Trading tips on house training is a great conversation starter. (Suddenly, I am transported back in time to my children’s toddler years and talk of Pull-Ups®.)

12. My children are offering to help with the chores more, if the chores involve Ginger, that is.

13. I need to sweep the kitchen floor less frequently since Ginger is so good at helping me keep it clean.

14. Ginger is helping us to bond as a family. Because Ginger is at a stage where she always needs to be watched, we are forced to spend more time together at home.

15. We love Ginger, and she loves us.

16. Ginger is thrilled to see me, no matter how I look, feel, or am behaving. She wants to be with me that much. Amazing.

17. She helps me find time to write, something I’ve wanted to do for years.

18. She contributes ideas for my writing just by being herself.

19. We take pride in our puppy’s progress. For instance, she is no longer harbors any suspicions about her food bowl (see “On How Food Bowls Can Be Evil”) and knows three commands.

20. Our new dog has helped us live in the present more. How perfectly Zen of her.


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