NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 11 Edition

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Now that we’re entering the thick of the playoff push, each game between winning squads seems ever more crucial. This week, there are three mouthwatering matchups that could very well decide the final playoff landscape: San Francisco vs. New Orleans, Kansas City vs. Denver, and Carolina vs. New England. All six of these teams boast elite status in their respective conferences, and all are in our Top 15 here – in fact, all are in the top 10. Any one of these titanic clashes would be the marquee battle for another week – this week, they’re just one of three. You can be assured that there will be a big shake-up between this week’s and next week’s posts, just by the necessity that that three elite teams will have lost a game this upcoming weekend. Looking back to last weekend: some teams firmly entrenched themselves among the top groups in football, while…

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NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 10 Edition

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We’re past the midway point of the NFL regular season, and with the postseason looming, now is when the true contenders separate themselves from the pack and make their playoff push. Who will slip their way into a coveted Wild Card spot? Which team will snag that much-needed first-round bye? Whose stadiums will the rest of the respective conferences have to go through if they want to make it to the Big Apple?

We don’t know. Sorry about that – but we interns do have opinions on who the best teams are in the League going into Week 10. The biggest leap this week: the Patriots, from #8 to #6, after their impressive victory against the Steelers.

Here are the interns that contributed to the pool this week:

Kevin Joyce, Producers Department, “Inside the NFL”

Tim Yingling, Producers Department

Ryan Boepple, Producers Department, “Thursday Night Football”

Kyle Toot, Producers Department, “NFL…

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NFL Films Top 5 Shots Weeks 6 and 7

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We’ve combined the best shots from Week 6 and Week 7 this week for this post. Sit back and enjoy the ride:

The shots in the order they appear:

5. Jermichael Finley has always been an intimidating force out on the field, and his monstrous talent is no more apparent than it was on this touchdown grab, taking an Aaron Rodgers pass and breaking three tackles for the go-ahead score against the Browns.

4. Broncos special teams captain David Bruton makes a pivotal play in Denver’s 35-19 win over the Jaguars by executing this fake punt run to perfection, scampering 35 yards down the sideline for the longest run from scrimmage for the Broncos all season. He even does his best John Elway impression by being helicoptered by Jaguars defenders at the end of the play. The masterful camerawork shows Bruton’s reaction to his momentum-shifting run in intimate detail.

3. Another play here that comes at the expense of the…

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The Cleverness of Puppies and Toddlers Should Never Be Underestimated

Kevin and GlennaGinger has recently become more adventurous. I used to be able to open the door to let her out and be assured that she would not wander more than 20 feet away from me. As September waned, she grew bolder and even started to leave the confines of our small property. Lately, she has become so brave as to worry me that she might run out into the street after a dog or cat. Her sneakiness in trying to outwit me so that she can escape is both entertaining and exasperating. Although we occasionally venture out without a leash, I usually keep her close now.

This transformation into a daring pup reminds me of my daughter’s audacious behavior as a tot. Glenna was sassy, physically able, and mischievous in her determination to best me at every opportunity. She would wait until I was distracted for a few seconds and then race for the nearest door; street; or dangerous, large, and moving object. And she was fast too. When we were home, I had to keep an eye on her almost every second unless she was parked in front of a video. Even then, I had to check on her frequently to make sure she wasn’t getting into trouble, but, at least, I could accomplish a few chores. Or so I foolishly believed.

On one weekday afternoon, she and her brother were relaxing while watching a favorite film. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I took the garbage out to the garage and grabbed something else I needed in there. When I reentered the room, I noticed her shirt on the floor in front of the couch. The conversation that ensued evolved something like this:

“Why is your new shirt on the floor?” I asked.

“I threw it there,” my three-year-old replied.

“Why did you throw it there?”

“Because I took it off.”

“Why did you take it off?”

“I don’t like it anymore.”

“Why don’t you like it anymore?”

“Because it isn’t pretty now.”

“Why do you think that it’s not pretty now?”

“Because it has a hole in it.”

“How did a hole get in your new shirt?”

“I cut it.”

“Why would you cut a hole in your shirt?”

“I had scissors.”

“So you cut a hole in your shirt, took it off, and then, threw it on the ground.”

With irritation, she said, “I don’t like it anymore. I want to watch the video.”

Serves me right for leaving the room for 120 seconds and paying full price for a fancy Gymboree® shirt for a three-year-old.

Rending her shirt was a relatively mild offense compared to her attempts to publically demonstrate my maternal incompetence. On one particularly eventful afternoon, I decided to take my then three-year-old son, Kevin, and 18-month-old Glenna shopping with me. That decision wasn’t too unusual except that on this occasion, I wanted to journey to the local department store and battle with the other women over clearance racks.

A few days earlier, I had purchased a wrist lead for my daughter. (Okay, I’ll admit it; I bought a leash for my kid.) She was so impish that I finally faced my vexing predicament head on, and procured a tool that I had previously scorned all others for owning. For the first 10 minutes or so in the store, it worked great. While she indignantly tried to remove the offending constraint (this alone kept her busy), I held it and her brother’s hand as we walked toward the much-anticipated sale.

The area was a beehive of activity. The racks were extremely tightly packed together, one virtually on top of the other. All were crammed with hundreds of articles of marked-down apparel. About thirty women swarmed the environs; each with her arms loaded down with goods. A few eyed my tethered child and threw disdainful looks my way. Excited by the prospect of finally purchasing myself some clothing after a virtual three-year hiatus, I didn’t care what they thought.

All was going swimmingly as I approached the third round garment rack of my search. My son timidly commented on my choices, and my daughter was marvelously cooperative and quiet. For a few brief moments, I was in paradise.

My heavenly sojourn was not to be long-lasting, however. Without warning, wailing emerged from around my feet. With great stealth and amazing agility for one so young, my toddler had managed to tangle herself around the base of the rack. To my surprise, she was so intertwined in the framework that she could barely move. Kevin proffered advice while I searched for a way to disentangle her. The only solution was to unstrap her wrist. In a nanosecond, the frustration and fear evaporated from Glenna’s face, she laughed (“sucker”), and took off, weaving her way through the maze of clothing, racks, and legs.

Trapped and unable to pursue her, I knelt down next to my son and said, “I give you permission to find your sister, knock her down, and sit on her.”

“Really?” he asked, disbelief screwing up his perfect, little boy features.

“Really,” I said.

He vanished as I struggled to my feet. For about a minute, I hunted for my wayward child from my vantage point; I then heard her angry cry coming from the other side of room, just outside the sale area. Dropping my would-be purchases, I ran over to find a triumphant Kevin sitting on top of a flattened and very irked Glenna. “I did it!” he exclaimed.

My child was found, and my mortification was complete. Imagining the clucking all around me and barely looking up, I bid a hasty retreat.

NFL Films Interns – Top 15 Teams Week 7 Edition

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It’s time for another edition of the weekly Top 15 teams in the NFL, as per the NFL Films interns. With the Patriots’ wild and miraculous victory over the Saints, they leapfrog the Seahawks, Colts and Chiefs to make it into the Top 3. The rest of the Top 15 remained fairly static, with one exception: the San Diego Chargers bumped the Cleveland Browns out of the ranks of our best teams in the league with their win over last week’s #3 team, the Colts. The top two teams, in our eyes, remain the Broncos and the Saints. Here are the interns who contributed opinions and rankings this week:

Tim Yingling – Producers Department

Kyle Toot – Producers Department, “NFL Turning Point”

Ryan Boepple – Producers Department, “Thursday Night Football”

Kevin Joyce – Producers Department, “Inside the NFL”

Here are the Top 15 teams heading into Week 7:

  1. Denver Broncos…

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Tonight on “NFL Turning Point” – Saints On the Wrong End of This Miracle

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

Some more wild finishes and thrilling moments highlighted the football feast that was Week 6 of the 2013 NFL season. The Patriots notched perhaps their most improbable victory of the Brady era with a win over the Saints, the 49ers slugged one out with the Cardinals, and Aaron Rodgers showed why the Pack is still a force to be reckoned in toppling the Ravens.

The Patriots have been banged up and depleted all season, and that was no different as they limped into their matchup with the 5-0 Saints. On Sunday, New England was missing their top five receivers from last year (including two Pro Bowlers in Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski), as well as their All-Pro starting nose tackle, Vince Wilfork. Regardless, they dominated the first half and hung on in the second half. When the game seemed out of reach with just over a minute to play, Tom Brady put on…

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“Michael Strahan: A Football Life” Preview

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Here on One Sabol Way, we try to carry on the legacy of our former president by delving into unchartered territory when it comes to sports filmmaking, much like he did in years past. “Michael Strahan: A Football Life” continues the acclaimed series’ tradition of providing the viewer a window into a well known football figure’s background, his upbringing, and how his actions off the field shaped his play on it. This time, however, you’ll get to see one of the greatest pass rushers in football history being interviewed with a new spin (pun intended, and you’ll see what I mean) put on it. During the interview, you’ll of course see Strahan talking, but you’ll also see everything else: the lights, the crew, the equipment cases, and NFL Films Producer Paul Camarata conducting the interview. All this you’ll witness while the camera rotates 360 degrees around Strahan as he recounts his…

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NFL Films Interns Top 15 Teams Week 6

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

Are we headed for another Drew Brees-Peyton Manning face-off in the Super Bowl? Could be, as both teams led by said quarterbacks are sitting pretty with a sparkling combined record of 10-0. Both squads have been dominant, with the Broncos’ offense on an historically torrid pace and the Saints’ defense having been revitalized by Rob Ryan. Don’t sleep on the Colts, however, who have had two of the most impressive victories of the season these past two weeks over the 49ers and Seahawks, and land at #3 on our countdown of the NFL Films’ Interns Top 15 teams heading into Week 6 of the 2013 NFL Season. Here are the interns that contributed to this week’s rankings:

Tim Yingling – Producers Department

Kyle Toot – Producers Department, “NFL Turning Point”

Jacob Snyder – Producers Department, “NFL Replay”

Kevin Joyce – Producers Department, “Inside the NFL”

Take a look:

  1. Denver Broncos…

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Five Best NFL Films Shots of Week 5

They Call It Pro Football - Official Blog of NFL Films

The time has come once again to show you the five best shots taken by our cinematographers this past week. Once again, they delivered some A+ material. Here’s a list of them in the order they appear:

5. Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck have been two of the most successful quarterbacks of all time through 21 starts, and they squared off in a thriller in Indy this past week. In this shot, Luck throws a touchdown to one of his favorite targets here in T.Y. Hilton.
4. Watch the Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gordon execute a gorgeous toe-tapper in the back of the end zone to tie the score against the Bills.
3. Another one from the epic Seahawks-Colts game. Here, Wilson lofts a beautiful 28-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse for the go-ahead score before halftime.
2. Chris Johnson still boasts some of the most explosive and elusive moves in the…

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A Brutal Wind

As usual, Ginger is not sure what all the fuss is about and proclaims her innocence with her puppy eyes.

As usual, Ginger is not sure what all the fuss is about and proclaims her innocence with her puppy eyes.

There is no way to put this delicately, so I’ll just come right out and post it. My puppy is farting. A lot. She has in the past passed gas occasionally (usually when we are trying to watch TV, and she is sleeping at our feet), but recently the frequency of her eruptions of flatus has grown exponentially.

As I sat in a cloud of puppy-produced methane, skatole, dimethyl sulfide, and other malodorous and noxious chemicals, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Does every puppy owner suffer as I do?” I googled the following:

“puppy farts”

There were 1,120,000 hits in .29 seconds. So, I am not alone. Then I googled this:

“dog farts”

There were 2,660,000 hits in .19 seconds. Does the former number imply mature dogs are more flatulent than puppies are? To answer this question, I googled:

“Do adult dogs fart more than puppies do?”

There were 19,700,000 hits in .71 seconds. Okay, I realize that with more words in my search string, I am going to get more hits. But wow, are there really that many people posting about this issue? I was hesitant to even type my initial string in the search bar for fear that some obnoxious virus would invade my computer as soon as I clicked on a result. After all, one can’t assume that a website devoted to canine wind is trustworthy. I could only imagine the humiliation in trying to explain my frozen computer to the Geeks rolling their eyes at Best Buy™. “Yes, I swear that I don’t usually frequent such iniquitous sites.”

Nonetheless, I began surfing. I reasoned the first two pages of SEO frontrunners would be well-intended, reputable sites designed and written by professionals. Mostly what I found were discussion boards filled with piteous pleas from fellow sufferers. A plethora of well-meaning good Samaritans answered these calls for help with suggestions on changing dog food brands. Of course, each responder endorsed a different alimentary solution.

My dog’s excessive flatulence began with my changing her food to one suggested by the vet, who assured me it would cure another minor ill. I have been adding it gradually, and now that I think about it, that’s when the frequency of odiferous events accelerated. Fortunately, I only purchased a small bag of the offending chow.

To restore my home’s atmospheric harmony, I have resorted to running around the house while spraying Glade® Clean Linen® scent and leaving windows ajar. Now that it grows cold with autumn, the windows will have to stay closed. I can only hope the solution to this dilemma presents itself soon.